Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 345 - 10th December 2012 - Cranberries and Ducks

Monday has reared it's ugly head once again. Temperature is -0.1 and suppose to be a messing morning - snow, ice pellets and then turning to rain for the rest of the day. Well my back is feeling better this morning so far, I'm heading back to the kitchen for the day. Shouldn't be so bad as I'm going into cookie making mode. I get a little more movement with those, back and forth to the oven and the mix master does most of the hard work, except for rolling out dough and cutting the cookies. Exercise class tonight, would love to go but will see how well  I'm moving later today. Won't be many classes left before I start overindulging in the Christmas  junk food so I can use all the extra help I can get, and according to the bathroom scales I've shed a few pounds.
Yesterday was another one of those mild spring days! The temperature did start to drop before supper and it was time to build a fire. Managed a few things, took it slow and paced myself. Still feel some soreness, so I did some more decorations, tried some baking - we won't mention that...groan. Sometimes you should go with your gut instinct, anyway Larry assures me he will use those to dip in hot chocolate. I wanted to toss them in the compost. We had one of those truly down home meals last night - salt fish, potatoes, turnip, fried onions and pork scraps. Oh the clogging arteries, but so good. I always recommend chocolate after this as it cuts that need to drink a gallon of water all evening.
A few cranberries are in the ditches still but I don't think they were as plentiful as last year.

A late afternoon walk - the sky was beginning to turn to shades of pink, the sun sets early these days.
My favourite fungi.
I snuck up on the wild ducks as they were hanging around the dock.
She begins to protests, think she senses me.

They know I'm there and decide to head out. There was a huge flock of them - probably 30 in all including the few tame ones.

Well time to check my list and see what I'm baking this morning. Enjoy your day!

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  1. hard at it again I see......pace yourself :) but hurry up with the gingerbread cookies for the love of God they are my fav......hint hint was that subtle enough for you?