Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day 350 - 15th December 2012 - Ice, Ducks and a Squirrel

Saturday, temperature is mild at +1.8. Grocery shopping today, then hopefully we will get the tree in the house, tomorrow it will get decorated. Will make the whoppie pies today and fill them tomorrow and sometime time in between the tins will start getting filled so I can give them a way. My nephew who lives in Alberta will be expecting a box full never mind a tin, so that needs to be sent off on Monday.
It's hard to believe that I've gone almost through a whole year of the blog. Some days have been good, others not so, but that's life isn't it. We all have our ups and downs. Yesterday I slacked off on the baking and tackled some wrapping and housework. Seems some of the cobwebs I attacked before are hanging around again. I blame it on the wood furnace. The road is so much quieter now - all the paving trucks have left, they finished on Thursday and did a great job on the road and the shoulders. Wish the whole road could have been done and not just 8 kms [I think that's what they did]. I have a "man cold" in the house as well, so I've given him 24 hours to snap back into shape. Drugged him before he went to bed so hopefully he's feeling better this morning.
Haven't check out Grandmother's Journal for a while so l thought I would this morning:

15 December 1973 - Rainy day. Bob & Bobbie to M.C., 1 muscrat.  I went shopping, really warm for 10 days before xmas. 
16 December 1973 - Very mild. Not a bad morning more like late April. Overcast afternoon but mild. Bob & Bobbie to M.C. I did xmas wrapping tonight. 
I will be glad when they move back to Middle Clyde, her entries are short and not quite so interesting. I like to hear about life in the country.

 The sun was trying to break through, believe it or not.
 Still a few colorful leaves in some spots.
 Beneath the ice in the ditch - cranberries and leaves.
 Don't think Lois would be too happy to see this little fellow on her bird feeder.
 Calm and peaceful looking yesterday morning.
 A pair of ducks flew in. The rest of the flock were there later in the day.
They seem to be very content by themselves.

The house is still sound asleep so time for some me time. Enjoy your day!

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