Friday, December 14, 2012

Day 349 - 14th December 2012 - Sunrise, Ice and Ducks

Another Friday and soon on to the weekend. Temperature is -1.8 this morning. Stars were all out last night but not this morning. Of course they call for a chance of rain/snow showers and freezing rain this morning - lets hope not. I'm back in the kitchen today, probably this will finish up except for some whoppie pies I need to make. Am hopefully heading to the city on Monday, weather permitting and will do those on Sunday since they are going with me. I'll also pack up the tins to be delivered in that direction too over the weekend. Now that it's almost done the packing and dividing will begin.
Couldn't resist braving the cold morning and checking out the sunrise yesterday. Oh I'm hoping Santa brings me warm gloves for Christmas, it's really nippy on the fingers and I've requested a hat that covers my ears but not one with an animal or carton character on top, think I'm too old for those as cute as they may be. It was another day spent mostly in the kitchen - 2 pans of fudge and some cookies. One of the fudge recipes was from my Mother in Law. I've been making it for a long time and it's fairly easy, the other was the standard 5 min chocolate fudge. I used to make fudge with my Grandmother R. [who wrote the journals].  Standing next to the stove stirring the milk, sugar and butter I could remember doing the same as a little girl with her. When she thought it was done we would always do the test in water to see if it had reached the right stage and the rest of the ingredients could be added  [ a little bit dropped from a spoon into a glass of water to see if it would form a ball].  Decided to color my hair but that came to a bad end - almost... I mixed the wrong bottles/tubes together and realized just before it was going on my head what I had done. So I avoided a near disaster, thank goodness, but now I've got to wait until I go in town again to pick up more. I had visions of Tammy having to shave off the rest of my hair. It was not a pretty thought. So I went back to the kitchen. Lexi and I did get out a couple of times and roam around, even though it was chilly there was not wind. Exercise class last night was a little on the brutal side - steps, enough said!
You could just see the ice starting to form on the lake where the clouds were reflecting.

Ice was in the ditches.
The ducks were nice enough to make an appearance.
There are those males showing off again.
They hang around more when Lexi is there, Australian Shepherd bird dog?
Like broken glass, shards of ice.

Time to get moving, the rest of the household will soon be awake. Enjoy your day!


  1. I wouldn't shave your head sissa. Might laugh a bit.....

  2. I guess my comment didnt post early this morning lol....pace week is going to be busy!!