Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 346 - 11 December 2012 - Birds and Cats

Another mild day, temperature is +12.9. Hopefully the rain will end this morning.  Would like to get out for more than a 5 min dash with Lexi. Heading back into the kitchen, more baking to do, hopefully I can get finished up early like yesterday and then go sort through gifts and see what else I need to pick up. Not much, a few gift cards I think in town will pretty well do it. I've also got some photos, mostly 4" x 6" to print off, bought a couple of frames that hold 4-5 photos so I want to do those up. It's all coming together, however, I still have a couple of boxes of decorations sitting in the hallway.
Felt like I made some headway yesterday without killing myself. Back did well but decided to finish in the kitchen around 1:30 pm, really didn't want to overdo it. It was such a miserable day - rain, rain and more rain and finally around lunch time the environment Canada weather site decided to put out a "rainfall warning" oh how we love that big red bar - so we were suppose to get between 40-70 mm of rain. Unfortunately we really do need it, and I guess you don't have to shovel rain. Made fishcakes last night for supper with the leftovers from Sunday night, oh they were good. A thunder and lightning storm struck after supper and the temperature was up to +14. Went to exercise class, a good work out but by the time we finished I could feel the tiredness creeping into my back but no pain so all is good.

Two of my favourites, on the same tree - the Nuthatch and the Woodpecker.

The Blue jay, kind of reminds me of a guard dog.
Don't let those closed eyes fool  you - he's watching over the birds below.
Wonder what this little Chickadee is looking at.
Think I know now - although he not happy that I caught him stalking the birds, he's giving me the evil eye.
Chickadees and a Nuthatch.
They always have so much to say and never seem to share.
A female Woodpecker gets right in there to have lunch.

Time for another coffee. Enjoy your day!

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  1. i guess you were getting the evil eye.....RAIN let me tell you it definitely wasn't raining cats and dogs, as all three dogs would not go out and the cat hid in the laundry room. I am sure Miss Priss will miss the lads when they go home as she is being spoiled with lots of canned food. Well I am back at that dirty word called "WORK" have a good day