Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 337 - 2nd December 2012 - Leftover Snow

Not quite as cold this morning - temperature is -2.9, it's been rising a bit since I first got up. Suppose to be rain later. I've been fighting with the internet for over an hour, always nice to talk to technical people at 4:30am. It's up but not very fast. Grrr... and it's gone again as I'm writing. I might get this online or I might not. At least you will know I tried. Won't let this bother me, am planning on a spectacular fun filled day. Off to Yarmouth this morning with the girlfriends - could be scary, hard to say what trouble we will get into. My sleeping has also gone done the tubes again this week, every morning between 3:30 - 4:30 I'm awake and up. What happen to that nice week where I slept well, maybe after I finish some shopping I'll get back to normal again. I can only hope.
Yesterday was great. We decided since it was so cold and the furnace would go out before we got home that we wouldn't go to far so drove out to Barrington. Did the grocery shopping - 2 stores you know - what a luxury and picked up a few Christmas presents, so I was happy. When we got home Larry put some more wood in the basement, I put up a few more decorations and wrapped what I had bought. A lazy evening for us both. They were working on the road again, putting another layer of pavement on. If it gets too much higher, I'll need a step stool to get up on it from the shoulder of the road! Already it's so much nicer to drive over, can't wait for it to be finished.
Lexi trotting up a neighbours driveway.
A little snow on the bare branches.
Sun is coming throught the tree melting the snow as it warms.
 So I'm off to get ready. Enjoy your day!

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