Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day 90 - 31st March 2015 - Mourning Doves, Pine Siskins and a Song Sparrow

Say goodbye to March, don't let the door hit you on the way out! Now hopefully April will be a little nicer to us all! Temperature is 0 this morning, but it snowed a little again last night. Hard to make much progress with melting the snow. Back to the book today and some more Spring cleaning. Maybe I'll take Big B. out for a walk in the hood later.
Sun melted some more snow and ice. Lexi and I managed a couple of good walks. Enough snow over the ice on the private road to make walking more comfortable and there is a fair amount of dirt in places now too. Looking better. I did some work on the book. Found another Dr. since mine is leaving in August so I thought I better make the switch now rather than wait. She has 1000 patients that will be looking for care and I really didn't want to go the route of Out Patients every time I needed something. Had a Song Sparrow and Robin in the yard yesterday, first I've seen of either for several months.
I'm not sure if she's winking at me or started to doze off.
The gangs all here - Pine Siskins.
Mourning Doves always want a place to perch.

I love this old fishing shack down at Gunning Cove.
Rose Hips have survived the winter.

Song Sparrow

Enjoy your day!

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