Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Day 70 - 11th March 2015 - Bling, Redpolls and Chickadees

Raining this morning but should clear later. Temperature is +3 - nice. Home today and in town tomorrow as I have something to attend. Maybe today I can get done what I planned to yesterday.
Wow what a beautiful day - temperature went up to +8 yesterday. I buzzed around the house in the morning - did a batch of brown bread rolls and a casserole to take to my brother's birthday supper and then the sun was calling me. Made a little more headway with clearing off the deck. I've got quite a patch cleaned now that's free of ice and snow but a lot more to do. Tried the driveway but still too solid there. It's on the north side of the house and melts slower. Felt good to be outdoors for a while. Lexi and I got in a couple of good walks, further up the road once and then a trek through the woods. Still hard going but we used part of a trail we had broke a few weeks ago. My cousin Cathy stopped in for coffee about 10 minutes before the rolls were coming out of the oven, so she had a couple of hot ones slathered in butter - the best way to eat them!
A great morning for shadows and bling.
Larry's greenhouse has pretty frosted patterns each morning.

A couple of Redpolls, but not many today. Wonder if there was a hawk in the area. The feeders were very quiet early in the day.
Looking out from the feeder.
Lots of Chickadees in the afternoon.

Enjoy your day!

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