Saturday, March 7, 2015

Day 66 - 7th March 2015 - Goldfinches, Redpolls and Blue Jays

Temperature is -12 and there are a few snowflakes in the air. I'm up too early again this morning. Time to "Spring" your clocks a head tonight when you go to bed. It's Saturday which means grocery shopping in my exciting (insert sarcasm) life. Maybe I'll take Big B. and we'll do a little drive by birding around town, perhaps down the Sandy Point Road. It's the weekend so of course Larry wants to put some more wood in the basement. I also need to get some photos printed off when I'm in town as I ran out of time to do it Wednesday.
Another day of warmth and sunshine  The sun certainly has heat in it now, hopefully it will clear some of the ice away soon. I puttered around and did some housework and very little computer work. Seems I'm getting less done instead of more, time for me to kick it up a notch next week and clear the rest of the "to do" list. Sooner or later I'm going to look out and spring will be here and I won't be ready to roam instead of spending most of the day inside. Lexi and I did get out a couple times walking. The road is great now - dry and salt stained, although the shoulders are still icy and banked with snow. We have to move fast if we meet a car and doesn't give her much opportunity to run off leash which is what she needs.  I was out on the deck watching the Redpolls and Goldfinches in the afternoon when I heard a big boom/bang. Come to find out it was a suicidal squirrel on one of the power poles - two of our neighbours lost power. That's what we call excitement in the hood! The birds disappeared pretty quick and Lexi ran for the house.
It's been a few days since I saw any amount of Goldfinches. Nice to see them back.
There was a huge flock of these Blue Bandits yesterday.
He's not in the pen, Lexi and I are.
Redpoll, hanging in the trees.
At one point, he was too close for me to focus.
Goldfinches are getting brighter in color.
If they didn't have that little red cap, they would blend right into the apple tree branches.

Enjoy your day!

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