Sunday, March 1, 2015

Day 60 - 1st March 2015 - Ice, Guillemot, Grebe,Herring Gulls, Loons and Greater Scaups

Good Morning March! Hard to believe this is already the 3rd month of the year. Temperatures is cold again today, -17 but the stars are all out and it promises to be another nice day. The lake is moaning and groaning again this morning, perhaps a sign that soon it will be breaking up and the ice flowing down through the river. It's really kind of an eerie sound - like a giant boomerang going back and forth, then as if a large creature is walking across it. Larry's got wood to put in today (we didn't get that far yesterday) and I've got some things around the house to catch up on.
We had a great outing Saturday, nothing rare, new or unusual but it was sure nice to see some different scenery. Headed off to Cape Sable Island, did a loop around making stops a couple of wharves. Everything is pretty well frozen in, not a lot of open water. Didn't go beach hopping, figured it might be icy trying to get down to them. Lots of Loons, Gulls, saw a Guillemot, Horned Grebe, some Scaups,  Eiders. Did our grocery shopping in Barrington and went down around Baccaro - no sign of the Snowy Owls on our travels, but saw a flock of Canada Geese at Port LaTour and a number of Common Mergansers at Port Clyde. It was a beautiful day for a drive and just what we needed.
In the ice at West Head.
 Guillemot at Daniel`s Head.
 Herring Gull - lots of these handsome guys around yesterday.
 Male Greater Scaup and two females.
 Horned Grebe.
 I think the Loons are beginning to change color again.
 Beginning to dive.
 A little bit of color.
 Another Herring Gull.

 At Baccaro - it was cold down at the Lighthouse.
 Canada Geese.
Female Common Merganser.

Enjoy your day!

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