Sunday, March 15, 2015

Day 74 - 15th March 2015 - Sunrise, Blue Jays and Hairy Woodpecker

I don't believe we got too much snow, but it's raining now, temperature is +1. The weather site has the big red "rainfall warning" bar up. Lots of rain to come, then a little more snow later today. Sounds like a good day to be inside. I'll do my Sunday morning cooking for Larry's lunches and he's going to help out a friend with a project later. Turkey to go in the oven this afternoon. Lots of leftovers this week! Today is the Ides of March marking the assassination of Julius Ceasar in 44 BC. Not that I really remember this from my high school Shakespeare but it also happens to be my Dad's birthday and Larry's Dad (who passed away many years ago).
Nothing terribly exciting on Saturday - the usual day. A trip to town for groceries, gas and dog food. That pretty well blows a pay cheque these days or it sure seems to. Maybe next week we'll head out to Barrington if the weather is fit, time for a choice from two stores instead of one. Larry got some wood in and noticed a beam in his greenhouse and let go from the weight of the snow. He got it propped up so no further damage can be done til the weather is decent again and it can be properly repaired. This winter has been hard on everything!

Daylight comes.
The Blue Jays have been plentiful the last few days.
I love watching this female Hairy Woodpecker.
She's a very adept acrobat.

Enjoy your day!

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