Saturday, March 21, 2015

Day 80- 21st March 2015 - Bling, Shadows and an Old Sunflower

Temperature is -6 this morning, not much sign of stars in the skies. Ah, Spring - how we've missed you but you aren't starting out the way we would like. Still so much snow on the ground and another mess of mixed rain/snow starting later today and into tomorrow morning. It's going to be another exciting day - grocery shopping, housework and I'm sure Larry will try to put some more wood in the basement before the weather turns. Only a few more tiers of wood in the woodshed, hopefully we are good til the end of the cold season. We have more outside but not really accessible at the moment. I think we'll be ok, but I know some people will soon be running out. It's been a hard winter on the wood pile as well.
Temperatures rose yesterday as the sun came out, warming the air and melting the snow and icicles. Thankfully the only drips I heard were outside. It was a good day for walking, especially by the afternoon. Lexi and I were able to get out for a couple of good runs. Can't wait to tramp through the woods again, once some more of the snow disappears. Maybe snowshoes for next year! I couldn't believe how quiet the feeders were. Only a few Blue Jays, Chickadees and about 3 Goldfinches. Thinking the Sharpie must have been hanging around again.
It was a good morning for Bling.
Shadows through the woods.
This old Sunflower has held through another storm. I'm expecting we will have lots more this year by the looks of the seeds around the yard.
I'm moving on after this - no more Bling and snow photos til next winter.
Our garden seed order came earlier this week - already I'm thinking about pole beans growing up this netting.
It's also been a great spot for the birds to rest this winter.

Enjoy your day!

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