Thursday, March 5, 2015

Day 64 - 5th March 2015 - Snow, Bling, Chickadees and Grandmother's Journal

Going to be a very long day, up at 4 am, still very mild as temperature is +2.  Guess I better plan on getting lots done this morning since I'll probably burn out early this afternoon. Hoping to get some database work done and maybe finish up that project between today and tomorrow. Also need to go through some photos to get printed the next time I'm in town.
Wednesday was certainly an interesting day. The roads were a death trap going to town in the morning, by the time we got there, my stomach was not happy. Then it was a maneuver around ice with water overlay on the side walks. Thank goodness by afternoon most all were cleared again and walking was much easier. At least it was a quiet day and I got a lot accomplished. Needless to say it wasn't a day I was travelling with Big B., will be happier when I can start taking her with me again in the morning.
Grandmother's Journal: 
4 March 1976: Overcast. Mild, light showers in afternoon. Mother and I shopping. Bob & Tom to MC. Home early because of rain. Good Bridge at Hilda's last night. Fur good prices this year. 
5 March 1976: Overcast, foggy, very mild. Bob up home, back early afternoon. Nothing different, did some shopping in the afternoon.
6 March 1976: Bob, Bobbie, Mike & Tom to MC looking traps - nothing again. Very mild, some sun. Colder tonight. I cleaned, cooked as usual. Kim up for supper. I walked down street, Kim and I walked back. Drove her home at 7:30. 
Doesn't appear things in March were anymore exciting for Grandmother almost 40 years ago than they are today. Maybe it's just the time of year.
I can see a few small ice droplets on the fir needs.Our Christmas tree has served the birds well.
A little sun and bling through the pole bean netting.
Thank goodness the Icicles aren't as big and there are less of them these days.
A dusting of snow on a branch with morning sparkle.
More Chickadees.

Enjoy your day!

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