Saturday, March 28, 2015

Day 87 - 28th March 2015 - Mallards, Gulls and Boats

Temperature is up this morning, +1 but they say snow is on it's way...again! It's nice to begin seeing things around the yard - the edge of the kitchen garden boxes, composters and under the fir trees there is grass. I really don't consider more snow as making progress. Have grocery shopping to do and a birthday party to attend for my oldest Great Nephew who turns 4. Saying Great makes me feel very old! HA!HA!
Not a lot of rain today, but mild with some lovely fog. At one point I thought the sun was going to break through, but then it got overcast again. It was mild and once I got out of the driveway, the walking along the road was easy. I'm happy to be plodding through mud for a change. Larry heard an owl over by the little lake in the morning, he thinks a Barred. The feeders weren't terribly active, maybe with the warmer weather the birds are on the move.  Some more spring cleaning, laundry and I did the nasty chore of cleaning the fridge. It was a good day to do it before grocery shopping. How does that stuff get shoved to the back and die. Ugh!
Mallards enjoying  a better day.
A few icy rocks along the shoreline.
Old wharfs are always interesting - texture of the woods, the seaweed that gathers on them.
I took a number of photos one day of this gull with boats - I love the soft blurry colors.
Boats at the Jordan Bay Wharf.
Herring Gulls, I think at different ages.
And of course you can always find a Chickadee.

Enjoy your day!

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