Monday, March 30, 2015

Day 89 - 30th March 2015 - Redpolls, Pine Siskins, Gulls, Bald Eagle and Common Eiders

Monday, -10 and the start of the work week once again. I'll be in serious editing mode today as Karen has gotten ahead of me with writing and revisions so I need to get caught up. Would like to finish the Spring cleaning upstairs too. If I don't dilly dally around I can get this done. Exercise class tonight, hoping to make it there to. Time to get back in some kind of shape other than round! Should warm up later today too.
Well the sun came out and did it's thing - warming and melting the snow. Although it's not making much headway at this rate. We decided to go for a drive and see if we could find any ducks or other interesting birds around the wharves after lunch. Just a break for a few hours. Our road looked good but as we progressed down the road it wasn't so great. We made it to the Gunning Cove Wharf and it was much better going back then getting there. Then decided to head to Sandy Point and Jordan Bay. I was a little disappointed, thought we might spy some Guillemots or Grebes but none to be found. Lots of Loons, a Merganser, Gulls, Mallards, Black Ducks, Common Eiders, Golden Eyes, a Bald Eagle and a Turkey Vulture (no photo opt for that one). Had the Sharp shinned Hawk fly into the yard after we got home. I was standing on the deck with Lexi watching the Chickadees and my camera in the house, he left hungry but is an awesome bird to watch. It was still nice to get out and away even if it was just a short jaunt. Maybe next weekend the weather will be better and we can escape for a day.
The sun was breaking through the snow laden branches.
I think Lexi was trying to build a snowman.
So all I needed was more snow to bring the birds back to the feeders. Redpoll and Pine Siskin.
There was lots of activity out there in the morning.
Their color is getting brighter.
Bald Eagle being chased by a Crow.
Greater Black Backed Gull.
I think they are Golden Eyes. They were quite a distance away.
Loon - their winter plumage is beginning to change.
I think this is a first winter Common Eider.
Shaking off the water.

Enjoy your day!

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