Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Day 84 - 25th March 2015 - Blue Jays and Redpolls

Stars are all twinkling in the sky, lake is softly speaking and the temperature is only -9, Suppose to warm up today again. I have about  half the day home to get some work done then it's off to Wood's Harbour to help out with a fundraiser - Kitchen Party and Silent Auction. Hoping for a good turn out as we have some fabulous stuff and musicians.
After starting Tuesday with -19 temperatures it warmed up to +4 with beautiful blue skies and a nice warm sun. The snow is beginning to melt, a few more days like this and perhaps it will begin to feel like spring. It wasn't a bad day in town, got some things accomplished and it's so much easier walking these days - sidewalks are clear again from ice and snow. Leftovers for supper and a lazy evening. Larry and Lexi went visiting - they are the social butterflies!
The Blue Jays seem to multiply in numbers, there were at least two dozen the other day!
But they add a bright spot of color to the landscape as they clean out my feeders.
A Redpoll - looks like he's walking a thin line.
I usually throw some extra seeds out on the snow.
Taking in the sun on the Honeysuckle Bush.

Enjoy your day!

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