Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Day 63 - 4th March 2015 - Bling, Blue Jays, Chickadees and an Amaryllis

More snow overnight, some rain on the way this morning then clearing, temperature is 0. Sounds like another Wednesday where it will be messy underfoot. Hopefully this Wednesday I stay warm and dry in town, unlike last week.  Lots to do today, errands to run and some volunteer work. Maybe I'll luck in and it will be a quiet day so I accomplish everything I need to get done.
A nice sunny day but a bit windy, didn't warm up quite as much as the weekend. Of course if we keep getting snow overnight, the sun will never make any headway melting it. Lexi and I finally got a decent walk in - felt good even though I had to watch where I was going with the ice under the snow. A couple times I went sliding. Spent most of the day in the kitchen - felt like I needed a comfort room - stew on the back burner, made apple sauce and tomato sauce. I think I spent most of the morning peeling and dicing fruit and vegetables. I had gotten a good buy on a bag of tomatoes last week in Barrington and didn't think they'd last much longer. Perfect for pasta some night. Decided to dig out our papers for income tax and get them organized, but realized I was missing something for Larry's. The moon is almost full now but last night it had a hazy circle around it. Not sure what that means.
 A little morning Bling.
 The morning sun creates shadows, but in a blink of an eye they move.
 The bright Blue Bandits were at the feeders.
 This guy was lurking in the tree, but it's pretty hard to hide when you are that color.
 I spent a little time in the afternoon down by the feeders catching the Chickadees.
 They aren't bothered by Lexi or I, but move very quickly.
The Amaryllis that Lois gave me for Christmas is blooming, love the bright red. Every year I gave my Grandmother one to enjoy during the winter months. She loved gardening and flowers.

Enjoy your day.

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