Sunday, March 22, 2015

Day 81 - 22nd March 2015 - Red Breasted Merganser, Owls and Downy Woodpecker

Up too early again this morning - going to be a long day. Another hour would have been so nice. Maybe Lexi and I will catch some zzz's this afternoon. I don't think we got what they called for - temperature is hanging at 0, was raining a bit when I went to bed, but may have changed over to a few flurries now. It can end any time it likes. Hoping some of the sunshine later this week does a good melting job.
Temperature was up to +3 by the time we went to town. Same old thing - groceries, gas and bird seed this week. The grocery shopping takes me twice as long since I have to study the labels and costs a lot more. Decided to make pizza for supper. Yes I went with a homemade crust of white flour - sorry cauliflower or zucchini crust just wasn't going to cut it. Although I did use a "no salt added" tomato sauce which was $3.49 compared to the pasta sauce on sale full of sodium for $.99. No pepperoni, salami or bacon (all my favourites on pizza) but instead I used chicken, ground turkey, peppers, onions, mushrooms (mine only), tomatoes, spinach and cheese.  Larry declared it was better than the regular one I make. Guess we will be growing more tomatoes this year and making more of our own sauce. I have some in the freezer but prefer it for casseroles rather than pizza.
Not a great shot - in the harbour - Red Breasted Merganser.
This Male Downy Woodpecker was at Cathy's feeder.
Pine Siskin high in a tree branch.
One of our neighbours down the road carved this family of Owls. Sam does great work and has some marvelous bird houses.
I love fences.

Enjoy your day!

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