Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Day 77 - 18th March 2015 - Blue Jays, Downy Woodpecker, Goldfinches and Redpolls

It's snowing and blowing out there this morning, temperature is -5. More snow is down and it's nasty out there. I think I'm going to be having another day at home and will  go in to town tomorrow. I'm making good headway with the editing so perhaps it's a good chance to keep up the momentum. Besides, I really hate travelling in bad weather. If you are on the roads drive carefully.
So finally at 4 pm yesterday they put up the big red "winter storm warning in effect" for Shelburne - groan - more snow. For the last 3-4 mornings I've been hearing a Great Horned Owl up the road and towards the lake. Would love to see him, but it's also nice to know he's around. Perhaps one of the same ones I heard last fall. Yesterday afternoon the Eagle flew over the lake heading toward the river - probably going to check out the ducks since that's about the only open water there is. Did some more editing and made turkey soup with brown rice and lots of veggies. Cathy stopped in for coffee lunch time - nice to catch up.
Got the prize! Lots of Goldfinches around yesterday.
It's pretty neat watching the Blue Jays crack the hulls off of the sunflower seeds.
This little male Downy Woodpecker is becoming a frequent visitor again.
There were about 25 of these Blue Bandits around - they can clean feeders quickly.
Redpolls resting.
The Goldfinches are beginning to get more colorful.

Enjoy your day!

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