Thursday, March 19, 2015

Day 78 - 19th March 2015 - Blue Jays, Goldfinches, Chickadees and Lexi

Will this winter ever get over?? I'm not one to wish time away but really I've had enough of this. Still blowing this morning, temperature is -9. I'm heading off to town today, some things need to be done so I'll give it a try. Going to have a cold house when we get home tonight though - not looking forward to that. The long range for the next few weeks look like better temperatures. Fingers crossed we can move on to spring.
I went out to fill the feeders yesterday morning - it was cold and miserable but birds appreciated the effort. They were cold and hungry as well. The Blue Jays and Chickadees hang around most of the day, but the Goldfinches were pretty steady as well. The flock of Redpolls and Pine Siskins stopped in 4-5 times, although I think they tend up the feeders in the hood. A couple neighbours have feeders so they don't have far to go. Made more headway with the book editing and tossed together a casserole for supper with some of the leftover turkey. With snow over the ice, Lexi and I have better mobility and could get down the private road. Nice change and she could run.

I guess everyone was hungry yesterday morning.
He looks cute here, but not when I was chasing him off the deck.
Goldfinches having a rest.
Flying in.
This seems to be a great place to hang out - Junco.
Hold on! It's blowing!
Lexi loves sitting out on the snowbank in front of the window.

Enjoy your day!

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