Friday, March 6, 2015

Day 65 - 6th March 2015 - Rope, Snow, Squirrel and Chickadee

Brrr... a cold morning, temperature is -13. Boy do those temperatures ever bounce up and down. It's Friday folks, end of the work week for many. The weekend looks milder during the day time. I slept in a bit - I guess that makes up for Thursday. It's getting daylight earlier now, or maybe that's the moon lighting up the sky, I'm not sure. Nothing terribly exciting in the works for me, every day seems the same. Housework, computer work and trying to get around on the ice with Lexi.
My early morning yesterday lead me to burn out by early afternoon. I had the urge to make brown bread rolls, something that's not really on our diet these days but I like to cook. So I made a batch, kept 2 for us to go with the leftover stew for supper and gave the rest away. Problem solved! Soon I'm going to be in the mood to bake, guess I'll give most of that away too.
Beginning to see a bit of Larry's old boat.
The Squirrel was running around stealing food where he could find it.

There are still some crumpled leaves blowing around across the snow.

Less Redpolls lately but always a few Chickadees.

Enjoy your day!

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