Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day 69 - 10th March 2015 - Golden Eyes, Sunrise and Blue Jays

Temperature is -6 this morning, but will probably drop a few more degrees before daylight. Roads were wet last night - those driving to work this morning, should be careful of slippery roads. Should be another nice day with mild temperatures - more ice melting weather! Rah! Back to the computer today, have some database work to finish up (hopefully in the next day or two). Family meal tonight so will make something to take with us.
A day mostly at the computer - back up, clean up, etc. - has to be done every once in a while and I should probably do it more than I do. Seems to be running smoother anyway. Temperature rose to +3 but we had snow flurries all afternoon. They didn't amount to anything or build up. Lexi and I can walk further these days if we stay on the road, although sometimes it's tricky when a vehicle comes and we have to jump across the ice on the shoulder. Although I must say I'm beginning to see some mud right along the edge of the pavement. Mud is good, I'm looking forward to walking through that. I made it out to Exercise Class last night, that was hurtful after not being there for a week or more. Soon enough I'll be back to the regular schedule.
Soon it will be going.
A pair of Golden Eyes in West McKay lake, Sunday afternoon. There is a little open water but not much there.
The sun came through the trees yesterday morning like a fiery ball.
It only takes a few minutes and the effect is softened.
25-30 Blue Jays spent too much time in the yard and feeders yesterday. Every time the  Redpolls tried to get in these Bandits scared them off.

Enjoy your day!

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