Friday, March 20, 2015

Day 79 - 20th March 2015 - Goldfinches, Chickadees and Grandmother's Journal

Stars are all out, temperature is -8 but the wind has dropped. I'm up too early, but not much I can do about that. Maybe a nap will kick in this afternoon after I've done some housework and more editing. Happy Spring! This evening at 7:45 is the official time of the arrival of Spring. And it's going to bring more bad weather for the weekend. Last week I had a nice clear spot on the deck, with intentions of my deck chair and tea celebrating the occasion. Some how I think I'll be well bundled up and my tea will be cool very quickly.We watched an interesting episode of Nature of Things last night on TV. It was about the disappearance of Song Birds. It's amazing and sad how many are endangered, mostly due to our progress. It was also interesting to see the work that goes on in various places to track and help birds. Think I'll check out e-bird later and see how the migration is going.
Grandmother's Journal:
19 March 1976: Beautiful morning turned cloudy by noon, snow. Very cold over night. Coming milder. After being up all night, Bob, Mike and Tom went up to MC looking for a cat. No luck. Hard to believe we could have a storm so quickly today. Such a beautiful morning. Mother worried all day about John going to Welshtown Lake in this storm. I was so cross with her - very tired. 
20 March 1976: Surprised this morning. Beautiful day. Very warm. Had doors open to air out the house. No wind, sun hot. Bob, Bobbie & Tom off to hunt. Still snow on the ground. Good cat snow early. No luck on track but Bob, Bobbie didn't know where Tom was. He came 10 o'clock at night. I stayed down home from noontime. Took day off from cooking. Bettie and kids to Bridgewater for Mike's glasses. 
Maybe we'll soon have days where we can open the doors and air out the house!

The flock of Goldfinches has been increasing this week.

One can never have enough Chickadees.
They are the first to arrive in the morning, last to leave at night and spend the day.
There are a few Mourning Doves, but not a lot. They usually come and go.

Enjoy your day!


  1. It started to melt yesterday...a little ...its beautiful up here and I see Char has a feeder so will find some seed and see what comes : )

  2. Thank you! Grandmother's Journal.