Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Day 62 - 3rd March 2015 - Redpolls and Lexi

The temperature didn't take long to start dipping last night as the sun went down. The moon was almost full with a few stars hanging in the sky. The wind picked up and we had a little more snow over night. Temperature this morning is -11.  Back to a database I've been working on to get that finished off hopefully this week and some housework. Feels like a good day to make a big pot of stew. I love meals that simmer on the stove top and the aroma goes through the kitchen. Comfort food.
It remained mild (-1 - 0) and snowy all day Monday. I made some strides in clearing projects - wedding dress alterations are finished. Chicken stir fry for supper, some roams around with Lexi and a few other odds and ends. Wish the snow would drop in the woods, would be great to tramp through there again.
Back to the yard a feeders. Great to watch the Redpolls come flying in.
They are kind of cute to watch - lots of personality.

They'll hang for quite a while unless the Blue Jays or Squirrels scare them off.
By now we have a huge snowbank in front of the kitchen window from shoveling. Lexi likes to lay up on it and survey her kingdom.
Perfect place to watch the birds.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Princess Lexi is guarding the feeders!

  2. Princess Lexi is guarding the feeders!