Sunday, March 29, 2015

Day 88 - 29th March 2015 - Downy Woodpecker, White-Breasted Nuthatch, Bunny and Deer

Temperature is -5 this morning. Had to push the back door open this morning as the snow was above the bottom. Lexi usually just takes a quick look around and then goes back to bed with Larry. My time of the day! I was hoping we could get off for a few hours - maybe go to Cape Sable Island and check out the Brant Geese, but we might have to shovel instead. Will see how the day turns out. Any where would be a nice break and a change of scenery. Seems like we are back to square one after all that rain and fog this week.
Yesterday started with a call from up the road, someone was sure they had a Sandpiper hanging out in their yard. I suggested maybe a Woodcock, but said I'd go take a look. After we got there they had looked again on line and agreed it was a Woodcock. It never did appear but we stopped and had tea. Headed for home and made another stop to visit someone we've not seen for a while, coffee there. The morning was mostly shot by that time, lunch and then off to town for groceries and a birthday party. Snowed most of the day but never really amounting to anything until after supper when the trees were once again dressed in white. Oh winter when will you end!
I took some of these at my cousin's one day, Downy Woodpecker.
White breasted Nuthatch hiding behind branches.
May it's the Easter Bunny!
At Lois' the squirrels like to hide in the tree trunk under the feeder.
Some grasses survived the winter - how strong are they to hold in the wind and snow.
A bad shot taken through the windshield of the truck - but 2 deer where on the road yesterday morning.

Enjoy  your day!

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