Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day 274- 1st October 2014 - A Bear and Fall Leaves

Welcome October -  you bring shorter days but still some nice weather. The Blue Jays are arriving more often in the yard these days, scowling at the empty feeders. Soon I'll start filling them up again. Drizzle and foggy this morning but it's suppose to clear. I'm really hoping to get out in the hood for a good roam, see what's still around and catch the fall foliage.  Have to find some time to do a little housework.
Not a bad day at work - cleared one research project off my desk, did up the month end - posted and balanced, so I might be ahead of that game. Remained overcast and cloudy all day. Could feel a little soreness in spots; too much sitting after Monday nights exercise class.
This must be the bear that is rumoured to be around the hood.
 Too bad Tuesday morning wasn't a bit brighter.
It was foggy and overcast, poor light for photos.
 It's amazing what a difference a day or two makes to the colors.

I did spy a few spots that I'd like to try for photos, if there is a bit of sunshine today.

Enjoy your day!

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