Thursday, October 16, 2014

Day 289 - 16th October 2014- Cat, the Harbour, Street Light and Fall Colors

Looks like a few showers for today - it's certainly cloud covered out there this morning - not a star in the sky. Tomorrow is going to be an inside day for sure - calling for lots of rain. Hurricane is working it's way up the coast, no doubt a tropical storm by the time it gets to our parts but they are calling for most of it to hit Newfoundland and the eastern part of Nova Scotia - we may be in the clear for the weekend. Maybe it will bring a few rarities in birds. Could be an interesting weekend - we'll have to wait and see.
Wednesday was definitely one of those Indian Summer days - very warm and sunny. It was an uneventful day in town, most of it spent wishing I was home enjoying the weather and hood.  Walked along Dock Street in the morning - harbour was quiet, just a few gulls and a couple of Cormorants around. Very quiet in the yard after supper not even a sign of a  Chickadee. Did see a large flock of Grackles fly over heading up the road.
Someone's cat sitting on the rocks - maybe hunting for mice.
The museum hauled the Dories out for the season. All we'll see now are the odd buoy bobbing around.
The flower baskets have come down as well, the lights stand without decoration.
And the park across the way has closed for the season too, still a few pretty trees in the distance though.
But not as bright as they were a week ago.

Enjoy your day!

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