Friday, October 17, 2014

Day 290 - 17th October 2014 - Leaves, Chickadee, Blue Jay, Reflections and Raindrops

Windy out there this morning - but not cold, temperature is +18.6. The dark clouds run across the sky hiding the moon and stars, then a few peep back out again. Lots of rain on the way, but it sounds like it may clear later this afternoon. I guess that means I'll be inside most of the day - good chance to get some things done. Have a few pumpkins and squash that need to be cooked up. Both will go in the freezer for later usage.
Living in Nova Scotia means we are sometimes blessed with weather that frequently changes from minute to minute and Thursday was one of those days. Rain showers, sun, then rain and sun - I looked for a rainbow but didn't notice one. So I dashed for my morning walk while blue skies were in the west and storm clouds were in the east - but the sun was trying hard to break through. I think the temperature was around +26, however, the house was about 10 degrees less. Not often this time of year can you have all the windows open (hoping to let the heat in). Saw a Hermit Thrush in the yard, so there are still a few of those around, other than that it's the standard fall/winter birds.  Exercise class last night - another good workout.

 Seeing lots of White Breast Nuthatches around lately.
 It was a day for fallen leaves.

And the sun was trying very hard to break through those rain clouds.
 Leaving the cover open means a big visitor.
 The curious little Chickadee.
 Raindrops on lupin leaves.
Some of the private road I walk - covered in leaves.

Enjoy your day!

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