Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 283 - 10th October 2014 - Cloudy Moon, Sunrise, More Fall Colors and a Dory

Might be a morning for frost, temperature is + 6.5 and the stars are all out but it feels mighty nippy out there. My last day of work for the season. Made it through another one, before you know it winter will have flown by and I'll be going back. We need to continue to work hard and fund raise in order to keep things going another year. Non profits are finding it particularly hard in today's economy, everyone is scrabbling to tread water. I'm hoping we see a difference next year.
It was a windy and chilly day even with the sun shining, but made for a beautiful morning on the lake. It was a nice walk, even though the only thing I saw were Chickadees and Song Sparrows. The fog lifted and the sun shone through. A good day at work, although I'm not progressing the way I should. Oh well I'll sneak in some day and finish a few things off. Nice to have a few researchers around.
 The moon was still out at 7:30 am, but dark clouds were chasing it.
 Been awhile since I've seen the pink tones in the sky over the lake.
 Enjoying the tones of fall along the lake shore.
 It was a great day for reflections in the water.
I love this raft at a neighbour's.
 A Cormorant flying in the harbour.
 Calm on the harbour too.
Starling hanging out on Dock Street.

Enjoy your day!

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