Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Day 294 - 21st October 2014 - Pumpkins, Chairs, Sunlight and Chickadee

Cool and crisp with stars in the sky  this morning, at least I feel better and stayed in bed til almost 5 am.  Sounds like we have a nor'easter coming our way for the next few days - with lots of rain. Usually we think of those systems as our worst snow storms, but rain comes the same way and may be a lot. This will open the door for winter, as the old timers said "winter doesn't come til the swamps are full". This should do it. I'm off to town today - yes two days this week. I'm volunteering at the library this afternoon in the "living library" program they are holding this afternoon.  Anyway I'll spend a couple of hours answering questions about how to research genealogy and showing people how to get started.
When the weather changes it really changes. Man what a drop in the temperature yesterday. I put gloves on for my morning walk, glad I did as it keep my trigger finger warmer. It was pretty quiet, only saw Robins, Blue Jays and Chickadees.  Had every intention of starting another room to purge when I got back home, but my cousin messaged me about a dress fitting which I had forgotten about. She's getting married next summer and her dress needs some minor alterations. In my past life (about 15 years ago) I was a seamstress, and still do the odd job for family and friends. So I decided it wasn't a day to rip a room apart that I couldn't put back together the same day. Molasses cookies baked and some other cleaning finished off the morning and she arrived after lunch. By the time she left my head was throbbing and the effects of the early morning had kicked in. An early night for me.
Perfect looking fall day in the country. Some of the neighbours love to decorate.
 The sun was slow and lazy breaking through.
 The trees in the background maybe bare of leaves but these bushes along the bank are still beautiful.

 Nice idea of the pumpkin in the basket.
 The Mallards were getting all prettied up.
 Can always count on seeing a Chickadee or two.
 Whatca' want Lady?
It was back lite by the sun, but I like the soft almost black/white effect.

Enjoy your day!

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