Friday, October 24, 2014

Day 297 - 24th October 2014 - Gull, Grasses and Sanderling

Friday - maybe the last day of rain?? Lets hope so. I hear that flooding has already started in some areas - on Cape Sable Island  people are having issues with basements flooded and the fire department has been pumping them out. The water will rise for 3 days and then begin to recede, so even if the rain stops today look for lots of water over the weekend. The private road I walk sometimes has issues so I'll be interested to get out and see how things are there. So today I've got to actually dig in and get some things done, pick a room and start cleaning/purging. Of course it's another day of no new photos, so I went back to one of our beach days.
More rain - what can I say, except it's getting very tiresome.  Hoping by Saturday it's fit to escape for a while and see if there is anything in bird land. I did see one lone Hermit Thrush a couple times taking shelter in the Honeysuckle bush. Instead of cleaning I spent most of the day in front of the computer doing research and not even the stuff I should have been doing. I needed a change of pace so traced my cousin's paternal line which is mostly Annapolis County. Periodically I like to chase after new names and places other than those in Shelburne County. I was lucky today and got one branch back to Mayflower Passenger Thomas Rogers. It was also a day that I felt like having something simmering on the stove for supper - a combination of a soup/stew - very tasty on a damp, miserable day.
Gull plays sentry.
One of the cute little Sanderlings feeding along the waterline.
Spent flowers and grasses on the sand dunes.
These guys are pretty big.
One lone dandelion among the grasses.
Perhaps someone was making a wood sculpture?

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Halifax bound today...that means birding today...not real happy about that however it will make me even more anxious next day to go looking for those beautiful treasures....have a wonderful day. ..