Saturday, October 4, 2014

Day 277 - 4th October 2014 - Foam, Leaves and Fungi

Seems I slept in this morning, but not really - I spent two hours roaming the house and reading in the middle of the night, then Lexi and I camped out on the sofa where I finally fell back to sleep. I'd forgotten that fall also brings on the worse of my insomnia.  Still dark but raining out now. Groceries this morning, then Larry's off to the Fall Hall to help out at the annual auction. I'm staying put and doing some housework and hoping for a break in the weather so I can haunt the hood.
Another work week has ended. Not a bad day overall, but didn't get the things done I should have but some things that needed to be done - progress. It stayed windy and overcast most of the day. Had a good walk in the morning but these days the hood is quiet.
 Lots of foam along the shoreline.
 Fungi on an old tree.

 The leaves are much prettier from a distance than close up.

 I like the soft blurry colors behind this old dead tree.
Even this vine that grows along a building is turning.

Enjoy your day!

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