Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day 303 - 30th October 2014 - Street lights, Harbour and Weeds

Looks like we might get a little rain this morning, hopefully it clears and I can get out in the hood. Not that I've seen much lately but you never know when something will fly through. Remembered to get sunflower seeds yesterday on the way home so can get my feeders filled again regularly. Will be nice to see what comes in besides the squirrels. I'm back to cleaning and purging today, maybe a little baking and then exercise class tonight. Hoping today goes smoothly.
Wednesdays are exhausting. Lots of running around - errands done and some volunteer work. Had lunch with some friends - good to catch up with the girls. All in all it was a busy day. Home and a lazy evening, of course by the time you get supper it's dark again.

Street lights on the waterfront were still on at 8 am. Oh I dislike these short days.
Lots of foam along the shore lines.
Kind of a spooky looking morning.
Old weeds waving in the breeze.
The flower baskets have been removed from the lamp posts for another season.

Enjoy your day!