Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 286 - 13th October 2014 - Golden Crown Kinglet, Wood Ducks, Lighthouse and White Crowned Sparrow

Holiday Monday - for some, I'm off anyway now and Larry has to work.  I've got the sniffles and the dregs of the headache I went to bed with. Temperature is down to +2. this might be a frosty morning. Stars are all out and it's chilly for sure. Not sure what I'm going to start with today, it is the season to start my purging and "fall cleaning". Since we've hardly been home all weekend, I might have to do the normal cleaning first. Oh I'll get out around the hood as well, maybe there will be a few leftover warblers lurking around or passing through. I've got some projects I planned to get underway while I'm off too.
Sunday turned out lovely, a little windy and chilly, but nice and sunny just the same.  Got on the road around 8am and headed to Yarmouth via the back way. Leaves are still beautiful on that drive too. A few side roads along the way then off to Cape Forchu, well specifically Thomas Road. Had my mind on that White-Eyed Vireo that's been spotted there and whatever else we could find. Well you know how it goes - no Vireo but I did get some shots of a Golden Crown Kinglet which I was happy with. We headed along down to the Lighthouse and another side road called Lobster Pound Road. This was a new spot for us, so we got to play tourists as well as birders. Beautiful area that's for sure.  We did the Lief Ericson Trail at the Light. Found a new lifer - White-Crowned Sparrow as well as lots of Song Sparrows and Goldfinches. Had a few quick stops to make in Yarmouth then headed for the old road along Argyle/Tusket area. We even side tripped to Robert's Island - down memory lane for me, I used to go there with my grandparents to visit friends who had a summer spot down on the end. I think I found the place but it was gated with no trespassing signs.  Highlight was finding Wood Ducks who didn't fly the minute they spied you. We buzzed along to Pubnico had lunch/supper then headed off. The afternoon was getting late by then and we were both ready to go home.  I convinced Larry it was finally that time of the year to build a fire in the wood furnace and we had a lazy evening and early night.
We saw a number of deer on our travels.
 Geese coming in for a landing at Lake Milo.

 Golden-crowned Kinglet playing coy.
 But then he posed for a picture.
 White-crowned Sparrow.
 Goldfinch chowing down on flowers that have gone to seed.

 Male and Female Wood Ducks.
 From the end of Robert's Island we could see the wind turbines at Pubnico.
He has two girlfriends.

 Yarmouth Light at Cape Forchu.
Some of the rocks along the trail.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun day...lots of great photos to prove it ...