Thursday, October 23, 2014

Day 296 - 23rd October 2014 - Waves, Mist and a Hand Pump

Wind is still howling, rain still coming down - kind of like that movie "Ground Hog Day" - we are going to do it all over again today. Power has started to flicker a couple of times, but I've got my coffee made and grabbed a flashlight.  Since there seems to be no let up in this system, today will definitely be a purging/cleaning day. No sun to lure me outside, although I will have to walk Lexi - but she doesn't like playing in the rain so it will be short jaunts that's for sure. Exercise class tonight, which I'm going to make - need to get back to regular workouts again.
The weathermen were not wrong this time, boy I'm big time tired of the rain already and we aren't even half way through it. I spent most of Wednesday wet, every time I went out I got caught in the worst of the downpours. The only thing dry were my feet - I wore my Muck boots. Note to Santa - Kim needs rain gear!  Had my yearly check up with the Doctor yesterday, so now off for blood work next Wednesday when I'm in town. I'm loving her scales - they weigh in about 7 lbs lighter than mine do at home, so the good news is I've lost a lot of weight! It's amazing how we believe whatever those gadgets tell us. Needless to say it wasn't a photo op day, I left Big B at home out of the weather, but felt a little lonesome without her.
A few leftovers from other days - The Hawk Beach.
Down at the end of the point at Pubnico.
I like this old hand pump that I see through a neighbourhood cottage.
Floating Island in the lake.
Jut a little web.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Big B ??? the pump have good eyes for a great photo....going to take my buggy to the garage doctor today and while it is there I will try to spy a bird in the "hood" you say !!