Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day 292 - 19th October 2014 - Yellow Legs, Dunlin, Canada Geese and Downy Woodpecker

Today we'll probably stay home, Larry's got some yard work and other things to be done outside. We won't have too many really nice days left I'm sure this stretch of warm weather will pass again soon. I'll roam around the hood this morning just to see if anything is still hanging here. I did spy two of the Hermit Thrushes in the yard again last evening. Might even keep my eyes open for the Great Horned Owl I heard early Saturday. I'm sure there are two, but it would be very lucky to spy one.
Saturday was a perfect day in July, hard to believe it's the middle of October. What a hot day! It was interesting to say the least, but not a great bird day for me. We headed off to Cape Sable Island first, checked out The Guzzle, some shorebirds still there - Yellow Legs, Black Bellied Plover, Dunlin (new for me) and a possible Dowitcher. Not great shots. Took at quick look on the Hawk Beach, heard lots of gun shots - it's ducking season. Mostly Gulls in attendance there. On the South Side Flats again were lots of Gulls with small peeps - probably Semi-Palmated Plovers and Sanderlings, but too far to get photos. A large flock of Common Eiders flew past the Daniels Head Beach. We headed to Pubnico in search of the Wilson's Snipe, but no luck, took a walk down around the point where the Wind Turbines are, cutting through a path on the way back, but guess we got the wrong path since we ended up with wet feet and fighting through bushes. Onward to Yarmouth and Bunker's Island, lots of Canada Geese hanging around there, heard a Pheasant but no way was he coming out. A few errands and then homeward. I've come to the conclusion that I tried to cover too big of an area therefore I don't have time to really concentrate on what may be in one place.
A little fog in the background made this show up against the old fence.
 Possible Dowitcher, Yellow Legs and Black Bellied Plover.
Yellow Legs and Dunlin (lifer for me).
 All those Gulls sitting in a row.

 A little more obliging - Yellow Legs.
 Common Eiders.
 Still lots of Butterflies.
 Song Sparrow with a little attitude.
 Downy Woodpecker near the Wind Turbines.
 Canada Geese at Bunker's Island, Yarmouth.
Some lovely red berries, I'm surprised they haven't been eaten.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. A dunlin would be really nice to photo....daylight is slow coming this am..I want to go to Cape Forchu for a bit and wish fully spot a new bird....We also had an owl in the backyard after your blog...