Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day 299 - 26th October 2014 - Greater Scaup, Mallards, Purple Asters and Mums

The stars are actually out this morning, first time I've seen those since early last week. They are giving a chance of showers today but maybe they will be wrong. Although we are busy all day so it does't really matter. Our turn to work the Fireman's breakfast this morning, which means we have to be there before 7 am to get things going, will be lucky to be home again by noon. Then I've got sandwiches to make and a baby shower to go to this afternoon. So the day is full.
Saturday was not a bad day - still overcast mostly, a bit of drizzle once in a while, but I think I saw blue skies for a few minutes. We never did get birding, some days it's just not in the cards. Larry and Lexi worked in the woodpile all morning. I did my morning walk - the long route. The water is certainly up - lake is high, swamps are full but doesn't look like the private road is going to flood this time. It was nice to get out and roam around some. I'm seeing lots of fungi - they spring up literally overnight but not the pretty ones (pink/burgundy, orange etc) I've seen other years. Maybe it's just a tad early and they will arrive after all this rain. Went to town and did the grocery shopping, forgot to buy sunflower seeds so my feeders are going to be quiet.
 A female Greater Scaup skimming across the lake.
 Lots of water but still some red bushes.
Lots of Mallards around.
 I think he's eyeing up the cat food dish.
 Bright yellow in a few places along the road side.
 And a few asters popping up among the pine needles and leaves.
My pot of Mums is still looking pretty good, got to do some deadheading though.

Enjoy your day!

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