Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day 278 - 5th October 2014 - Great Blue Heron, Sanderlings, Savannah Sparrow

Sunday - slept better last night - rah! Sounds like today will be a repeat of Saturday. Rain this morning and clearing late this afternoon. Probably won't get too far again. It's been really windy this week - feels more like the old "March Winds" but at least it's not cold. No fire in the furnace yet, I think last year we were building one towards the end of September. Every day saves us for one on the spring end.
Weather was the pits on Saturday - heavy drizzle all day which wasn't great for photos. Lexi and I did roam a bit but mostly we puttered around the house. Not  a terribly exciting day that's for sure. So I went back and found some of my photos from last Sunday's adventure.
Seems there are Great Blue Heron's where ever you look these days.
The kelp and seaweed are bigger than the little Sanderlings that feed along the beach.

There goes a small flock of peeps - they landed further down.

Probably a Savannah Sparrow resting on a post.

Enjoy your day!

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