Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 302 - 29th October 2014 - Reflections, Mushrooms, Woodpecker, Grackle and a Rooster

Slept better - I basically burned and crashed early last night. No stars this morning - kind of overcast, but the forecast is for sun/cloud most of the day.  It's Wednesday and my town day - run some errands, do some volunteer work and maybe have lunch out. Simple things make me happy these days. Some days life is overly complicated.
Tuesday was certainly better than Monday except the early morning and late night caught up with me quickly. Best part of my day was roaming the hood, even though it was quiet. Lois' feeders are pretty active these days and I think I spied a few Juncos in another neighbour's yard. All I saw in mine were some Blue Jays, a Yellow Rumped Warbler and way too many squirrels.
 The water is high, but great for reflections.

 These mushrooms were growing on an old stump.
 I think I like the grasses when they turn to their brown/golden stage better than when they are green.

 An old bicycle nestled against the fall colors.
 There have been some huge mushrooms erupting from the ground lately.

 One of Lois' Roosters - I don't trust them, they come after me. They seem to have become her guardians.
 There were both Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers around her feeders and lots of Nuthatches.
 Harriett the Grackle hanging out.
Dandelions gone to seed.

Enjoy your day!

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