Saturday, October 11, 2014

Day 284 - 11th October 2014 - Another Misty Morning, a Song Sparrow and a Goldfinch

It's Saturday, going to be a busy day. Groceries, then Mom and Dad's for dinner, then a wedding later this afternoon. I think it's doable, just hope the rain holds off, its suppose to be an outdoor ceremony. It will be a full day, other than a jaunt around the hood this morning, I don't see birding in the forecast for today, although tomorrow is definitely looking better for that.
Friday was a rough day, I think people have been affected by the full moon this week. Made it through but glad it's over. My morning walk was lovely though, lots of heavy mist on the lake, which always looks so soft and neat.
Very thick mist.
The sun - like a ball of fire.
Soft and peaceful
Song Sparrow enjoying breakfast on a beach.
The mist was hovering over the water.
A shade of pink made by the sun.
Still some bright colors show through.
It was beginning to lift.
Goldfinch looking for feed in the yard after supper.

Enjoy your day!

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