Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day 280 - 7th October 2014 - Cobwebs, Fall Colors and Red Berries

Up too early, so it will be a long and sluggish day. Stars are out and it's chilly. I think we probably will have a frost this morning, although the temperature is still up to +6.9. The fog may roll in and protect things for another morning. My list is growing of things to get done this week - hopefully today some can be crossed off.
The day that started out with thick fog turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. Heard a different bird in the trees on our property yesterday morning but for the life of me with the fog and it still being a tad bit dark I couldn't locate it.  Something to brush up on this winter - the voices/songs of birds. There are some great online sources and apps for this. A rather uneventful day at work - a few people in to research, did a quick tour of the Anglican Church Cemetery and accomplished a few other things. Exercise class last night, I'll be surprised if I don't hurt after all those jumping jacks but it was better than the burpees that some did. Sat on the deck for a bit before going to bed enjoying the moon and could hear an owl across the road somewhere, maybe down in the swamp. This time of year I hear them but never close enough to go in search.
 A morning of cobwebs and fog.
 The was breaking through.
 Still some lovely colors along the lake shore.

 I love the blue that pops between the reds and golds.
 The roads are beginning to be covered with spills and leaves.
Bright red berries.

Enjoy your day

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