Friday, October 3, 2014

Day 276 - 3rd October 2014 - Sunrise, Fall Leave and a Hermit Thrush

Friday has arrived and is going to be followed by a wet weekend. Doesn't sound like much of a weekend for birding. Maybe we will luck in and be able to go between showers. Larry has the annual fall fling and auction at our Fire hall on Saturday so that pretty well takes care of the day. I'll get some work done at home.
Another beautiful fall day, but windy as it has been all week. It's been a quiet week at work, people are winding down - still a few tourist and researchers around but not many. Good opportunity for me to catch up on things.  Went to a Tourism meeting in the afternoon - interesting. Exercise class in the evening - another good workout, need to keep it at it.
 Now this was the kind of morning I wanted on Wednesday when I was off.
 Soft gold sunlight over the lake.
 Lots of ducks in the cove - mostly Mallards.
 I think the leaves get brighter each day.
 A Song Sparrow was foraging in the grass in a neighbour's yard.
 More golden colors.
Not a great shot - Hermit Thrush among the branches.

Enjoy your day!

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