Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day 285 - 12th October 2014 -Mist, Robin and still some Fall Colors

Looks like it will be a fine day after all those clouds lift and daylight arrives. Today will be a birding day with a little bit of shopping thrown in. Think we'll head off to Yarmouth and check out Cape Forchu - new spot for us, then through the Pubnicos, Cape Sable Island and  towards home. Might stop and see the bestie and group camping at the Park once we get back to Shelburne but it all depends on our time.
What a busy day we had on Saturday. Felt like we were constantly in motion - but in a good way. Well it was bath day for Lexi, she's been rather itchy lately - dry skin so in the tub she went after breakfast - but not happily. Of course that meant cleaning the tub and the floor - not sure which had more water. I dashed out for a quick jaunt around the hood. Grocery shopping, to Mom and Dad's for Thanksgiving dinner, home to change and off to a wedding. Unfortunately the weather didn't hold as it was outside but still beautiful just the same. A brief rest at home then to the reception and dinner. Home around 8:30 pm. Larry said we were too old for the dance - ha!ha! Admittedly both of us were tired and ready for home.
Another morning of misty water.
 A nice chubby Robin. I was actually chasing a skittish Hermit Thrush when I spied this guy.
 It was a perfect morning for reflections.

Enjoy your day!

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