Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Day 295 - 22nd October 2014 - Foggy Morning, Sun and Harbour

So I'm off to town again today. I have visions of being wet frequently since I'll need to go to the post office and the bank at some time. Not to mention I've got a Doctor's appointment this morning as well.  Going to be a busy day. The weather site has the big red bar out - "rainfall warning", they are referring to it as a long episode with a slow moving system which equals lots of rain over a number of days. Doesn't look like a break until the weekend. We will need a boat by then to get around! Fingers crossed the power holds.
Tuesday went well, but I really would have rather been home to enjoy the beautiful day we had. It was warm and sunny. Had a good afternoon at the library - a few people stopped by my table and asked questions and another I helped get started on some genealogy. Was happy to be part of their "living library". Finally remembered to pick up a light bulb for the oven, nothing I dislike more than cooking in a dark oven. Just one of my pet peeves.  Leftovers for supper and a lazy evening. Checked out the yard after supper - and spied one of the Hermit Thrushes still hanging out.
 A very foggy morning on the lake, but you could still see the bright colors in this neighbour's flag.
 In some spots it was beginning to lift.
 But in other places you could hardly see across the lake.
 I could just see a glimmer of the sun breaking through.

 When I got to town, a lot had lifted from the harbour.
Very small in the foreground you can see two Cormorants drying the wings on a rock.

Stay dry and enjoy your day!

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  1. really enjoyed your comments this wife and i live here in bed and read them..have a great day