Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 279 - 6th October 2014 - Hermit Thrush, Deer, Clyde River and a Chickadee

This is my last week at work. Going to be a busy one that's for sure to clean up things. I'm ready for a break, but the pay cheque is the pits. Working for a non-profit certainly has it's draw backs - seasonal work. Oh well some work is better than none and I've been doing this for a while now. It's Monday and exercise night as well - more fun I'm betting.
Sunday was another wet day but sort of cleared later in the afternoon. In the evening it was actually beautiful - blue skys and fluffy white clouds. I tried a walk in the morning but it was pretty miserable. I did manage snag a Hermit Thrush.  After being cooped up all day I bellowed for Larry to start the truck and we headed for the woods. A drive to Middle Clyde and a stop in Upper Clyde to visit with friends. It was good to catch up with them.  I missed the best of the fall colors on the Clyde River last week, many had fallen, but it was still beautiful and peaceful. My favourite river. 
 The Hermit Thrush took pity on me and posed - first one side...
 then the other.
 As we were driving down the road there were a few deer in someone's yard enjoying an apple or two from an old tree.

 I took a number of shots of the leaves and river along the way.
 I think the ones of the leaves floating in the water and reflections are more interesting, now that the leaves are falling.

 The river banks have nice color as well.

Irene's feeders were busy with Chickadees and Blue Jays.

Enjoy your day!

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