Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Day 281 - 08 October 2014 - Sunrise, Cobwebs, Fungus and Floating Boat

Day off and they are giving rain. Will try for an early walk this morning and hopefully I can get around before it starts if not it will be mostly an in house day. Maybe some housework and clean through some photos. Of course Lexi and I will get the odd roam no matter what the weather is.
Even when you get up too early, seeing a beautiful morning on the lake and the harbour puts you in the right mood. It turned out to be a lovely day - warm, sun shining - like summer. It was a day I would loved to have been home to enjoy. A few more things cleared from my desk yesterday but not necessarily those things I wanted to get done. Oh well by Friday things will be looked after.
The sun came through these trees creating a silhouette.

Love the mist and bright leaves. Perfect morning for reflections.
A very loose webbing hanging between the tree branches.

 The sun was stunning shining through the trees reflecting in the lake - a perfect way to start the day off.

 The fungi are beginning to pop through the ground. I look forward to finding some unusual ones.
A golden glow was cast.

Loved the way the boat appeared to float in the mist.

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