Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Day 273 - 30th September 2014 - Fall Colors on the Waterfront, Old Town Clock and a Dory

Say goodbye to September - another month is leaving us, it just flew by. Hard to believe that Wednesday will be the 1st of October, getting closer to winter but for now let's enjoy the fall. October can be a beautiful month and the days nice with cool evenings. The trees are glorious now in shades of reds and yellows.
Monday went well - did my walk on the waterfront - be glad to go back travelling with Nancy and have my regular jaunt. Quiet day at the office so I managed to get through a few things, also hit a couple road blocks in research so need to think about some other resources.   Exercise class last night - sure my knees will never be the same or the rest of me - it was a leg night!
 The baskets on the waterfront still look nice.

 A little pop of color at the Park.
 Another misty morning on the harbour.
 The Old town clock stands against a sky with a hint of pink.
 The mist was rising through the trees.
Mallards were coming toward shore.
A life jacket floating in the water, I found this somewhat disturbing.

Enjoy your day!

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