Saturday, September 27, 2014

Day 270 - 27th September 2014 - Crow, Spiderwebs, Gulls and Cormorants

A too early morning, my first for a while - going to be a very long day. Stars are all out - going to be a nice one. I'm working this morning til noon, some time we have to do groceries then have a wedding to attend this evening. I'd really like to snag an hour or two of birding but not sure when I can actually fit that in.
Friday came and went, a good day for the end of the week. Once again I roamed along Dock Street - nice but not like the hood. It was really foggy but I did see Cormorants, Gulls and the Great Blue Heron again. Was sitting on the deck last night before going to bed enjoying the night sky and could hear an owl, but not that close. Seems this is the only time of year I hear them in our area and we never see them anymore.
 Enjoying a roof top breakfast on a foggy morning.
 This was a huge spider web.
 I'll go this go that way.
 Another web.
 Motoring along.
 Checking for better eats on the grass.
 More Cormorants or as we call them locally - Shags.
And the Great Blue Heron.

Enjoy your day!

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