Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Day 245 - 2nd September 2014 -Spider, Ducks, Woodpecker and Palm Warbler

Up too early and back to work this morning. Looks like we had a few showers during the night but I think the day will clear up and be fine. September will probably speed by quickly, lots of things on the go this month.  Fall is usually busy at work too, researchers like to travel in the shoulder season - many of those don't have to worry about children going back to school.
To my credit I did get some housework done yesterday, but then the sun came out... around the hood I went. Unfortunately it was pretty quiet, little did I know most activity was in my own yard. After the rain the humidity jumped sky high - not great for plodding along. Lexi wasn't keen on it either so we kept mostly  to the woods where it was shaded and she could have a run.
 He might be kind of ugly but watching him build his web was really cool.
 A very small frog - almost didn't see him.
 Dragonfly - they certainly have lots of character.
 From the yard.
 This poor Butterfly is really looking bad.
 Looks like lots of cranberries this year.
 Must be love!
 I got quite close but a little too much light. She seems to spend a lot of time in this old apple tree.

After supper the yard was full of Palm Warblers and Magnolia Warblers. The Maggies aren't near as easy to capture!! All I got was their butts.

Enjoy your day!

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