Thursday, September 18, 2014

Day 261 - 18th September 2014 - Morning on the Lake, Red Leaves, Butterfly and Dragonflies

Work day - looks like another fine day once the fog lifts. A hazy circle around the moon this morning, cool and crisp out there. Looking forward to lunch with my Dad today, he always whips up something good and I'll probably just waddle back to the office.  Hoping to find another new bird  on my walk to meet Nancy.
Wednesday was a beautiful day to have off. Warmed up, sunny with a little breeze at times. Got back out around the hood in the morning - made the long walk, tired out my leg but the foot feels fine again. Ran in to a flock of birds toward the end but they hung way in the upper canopy of trees, moving fast and refusing to come down lower for me. It was still great to get out. Lexi and I walked as well, she loves having me home for our daily walks. Made a turkey soup, pasta for supper and did laundry and a bit of  housework and that pretty well finished off the day.
 A lazy sunrise over the lake.
 The clouds broke away.
 The lake was so calm and flat  you could see the clouds in it.
 Fall is making it's way, in a few weeks the leaves will all have changed.
 Lots of butterflies around. I'm thinking this is a Great Spangled Fritillary.
 The Dragonflies move so fast - love the way their wings are flapping.
 Saw a few Robins hanging out in the yard today.

 The end of the Dandelions of summer.
The Blackpoll Warbler appeared in my yard yesterday afternoon along with  Chickadees, Palm Warblers and a few other friends.

Enjoy your day!

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