Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day 256 - 13th September 2014 - Squirrels, Yellow-Rumped Warblers and Goldfinche

Saturday and I slept in - Wohoo!! Foot is feeling much improved today over the last few. Wonder if I can convince Larry to take me for some drive by shooting (camera) later. Not sure I can managed a long trek. It's suppose to rain tomorrow so today would be my chance. Will have to see what the day will bring.
Friday was a very long day. I guess that was due to my inactivity. I lounged around inside, spent some time on the deck between the Camera and Kobo. Didn't get much reading done as my eyes were constantly scanning the trees. Discovered that there are a lot of birds around the yard at just about any time of the day. Maybe I've been roaming unnecessarily  - oh well it's good exercise and I have found a few lifers on my travels in the hood.  The meds seem to be kicking in and it's much better than it was on Thursday, however, they are upsetting my stomach a bit. It passes after a few hours - no complaining.
So Larry's Bean Pole contraption is good for birds and squirrels.
 The Sunflowers were popular as well -- American Goldfinch.
 My two regular Hummingbirds appear to have gone, but this one stopped by a few times on Friday.
 There were a lot of Yellow-Rumped Warblers around.

 Still some color in the gardens... and weeds!

 An Alder Flycatcher - I think.
 More Yellow Rumped Warblers.
Feeding at the Sunflower.

Enjoy your day!

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